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Harman Stoves

Baxi Potterton Myson Ireland is the distributor for the Harman range of stoves in the UK and Ireland. The Harman range is the premium range from Hearth and Home International. The elegant cast iron stoves, combine the convenience of pellets or logs with unique features, such as automatic ignition and a simple method of cleaning.  Harman prides itself on superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and being at the cutting edge of technology.


XXV pellet stove

Harman's attractive cast iron 25th anniversary pellet stove has a range of 1-12kW heat output, automatic ignition and temperature control and a large ash pan for easy cleaning.

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Accentra pellet stove

The Accentra pellet stove has automatic ignition and temperature control. It has a tinted glass hopper lid so you can see how much fuel is available.

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Advance pellet stove

The Advance pellet stove automatically adjusts itself to the desired room temperature. It has a top-loading hopper for pellets.

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Accentra pellet insert

With a variety of mantels and facings, the Accentra pellet insert can create a fireplace anywhere you like.

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